Khiali Shahpur Town

1. Introduction

TMA Khiali was established in 2005 after up gradation of the status of the District Government as City District Government . Out of the four towns of the District head quarter It is first one while approaching Gujranwala, form Lahore through G.T road. It comprises of 26 UCs and the main office is located at G.T Road Sheikupura More Gujranwala.

2. Total Union Councils/ Breakup of Earstwhile Town Council
  • Urban Union Councils 13
  • Rural Union Councils 13
  • Total Union Councils 26
  • C.O Unit Eminabad 01
3. Administrative Structure

Administrative Structure of Town Municipal Administration Khiali Shahpur Town Gujranwala.

Town Municipal Officer
i.Town Officer (Infrastructure & Services) ii.Town Officer (Regulation) iii.Town Officer (Planning & Coordination) iv.Town Officer (Finance)
4. Financial Position of the TMA for 2012-2013
Sr. No. Description Budget Estimates Revised Budget
1 Opening Balance July ast 2012    
2 Annual Income    
3 Total Income    
4 Establishment Expenditure    
5 Contigent Expenditure    
6 Development Expenditure    
7 Total Annual Expenditure    
8 Estimated Closing Balance on June 30th 2013    
5. Major Sources of Income
Sr. No. Sources Target 12-13 (in Million) Actual Income upto 31-3-13 (in Million)
1 Cattel market fee arrears from cantonment board 1.000 -
2 Tax on transfer of immoveable property 35.000 34.375

i.  Income of lease Jinnah Park

ii. Electric bill Mini Fundland 





4 Rent of Property 40.00.000  
5 Slaughter Houses 32,00,000  
6 License Fees 30,00,000  
7 Building Fees 30,00,000  
8 Fine & Penalties 30,00,000  
9 Water Rate Units 62,40,600  
10 Sewerage Tax Units 62,40,600  
11 Misc/ Profits/ Others 14,00,000  
Total 13,27,41,200  
6. General Cleanliness/ Wallchalking

i. The TMA Qila Didar Singh Town is doing sanitation in the following areas:-

C.O Unit Qila Didar Singh

C.O Unit Ladheywala Warriach

ii. It is permanent feature of the TMA to remove the wall chalking.

7. Machinery and Vehicles
TMA owned Vehicles
Sr. No. Name of Vehicle
1 Suzuki Car-Khyber
2 Suzuki Car-Cults
3 Suzuki Jeep – Potohar
4 Suzuki Jeep –Potohar
5 Suzuki Saloon van
6 Toyota Jeep
7 Bed ford Truck
8 Motor Cycle Honda 70cc
9 Motor Cycle Honda
10 Suzuki Jeep – Potohar
11 Suzuki Jeep – Potohar
12 Sucker Machine
13 Tractor MF
14 Tractor Feat
15 Tractor Feat
16 Trolley (3 No.s)
8. Water Supply Schemes
Sr. No. Water Supply Motors Location
1 Water Supply Motor (40 hp) Mohallah High School, Qila Didar Singh.
2 Water Supply Motor (35 hp) Mohallah Tanki wala, Qila Didar Singh.
3 Water Supply Motor (25 hp) Mohallah Taj Pura, Qila Didar Singh.
4 Water Supply Motor (25 hp) New Pind Road, Qila Didar Singh.
5 Water Supply Motor (20 hp) Near High School No. 1 (Boys) Qila Didar Singh.
6 Water Supply Motor (20 hp) Near High School No.2 (Boys) Qila Didar Singh.
7 Water Supply Motor (40 hp) Near Office C.O Unit Ladheywala.
8 Water Supply Motor (30hp) Mohallh Chah Bamanawala Ladheywala
9 Water Supply Motor (25 hp) Kot Ishaq Ladheywala
9. Disposal Works
Disposal Works
Sr. No. Disposal Works Location
i.   Disposal Motor (25 hp)
ii.  Disposal Motor (20 hp)
Mata Rani (Old), Qila Didar Singh
i.   Disposal Motor (40 hp)
ii.  Disposal Motor (40 hp)
iii. Disposal Motor (40 hp)
iv. Disposal Motor (50 hp)
v.  Disposal Motor (40 hp)
Mata Rani (New), Qila Didar Singh
2 Disposal Motor (20 hp) Noor pur Road Q.D.Singh
3 Disposal Motor (10 hp) Dera Mania wala Q.D.S
i.   Disposal Motor (50 hp)
ii.  Disposal Motor (50 hp)
Kamo Malhi Road, Qila Didar Singh
i.   Disposal Motor (20 hp)
ii.  Disposal Motor (30 hp)
Near Boys High School (Old) Ladheywala
i.   Disposal Motor (30 hp)
ii.  Disposal Motor (50 hp)
iii. Disposal Motor (15 hp)
Mohallah Chah Sheian wala Ladheywala
10. Water Purification/ Filtration Plants

Thirteen water purification / Filtration Plants were installed at the following points:-

1. Jannat Bibi Park.

2. Sagheer Park.

3. Sharanwala Bagh.

4. C.O Unit Ladheywala

5. Girls High School Ladheywala

6. Agu Chak

7. Kot Ishaq Ladheywala

8. Botala Jhanda Singh

9. Kot Bhowani Daas

10. Madukhalil

11. C.O Unit Qila Didar Singh

12. Girls Collage Qila Didar Singh

13. Boys Middle School Q.D.S

11. Gardens & Parks
Gardans & Parks under
Q. D. Singh Town Administration
Sr. No. Name of Parks Area Value Edition of Parks Establishment
1 Jannat Bibi Park 4 Kanals Swings, Jogging Tracks, Filtration Plants, Open Exercise Gym.
3 Chowkidar 
2 Mali 
2 Sagheer Park. 7 Kanals Swings, Jogging Tracks, Filtration Plants, Open Exercise Gym.
2 Chowkidar
2 Mali
3 Sharanwala Bagh. 56 Kanals Swings, Jogging Tracks, Filtration Plants, Table Tennis Hall, Basket Ball.
3 Chowkidar
4 Mali
4 Khalifa Mohammad Aslam Park 10 Kanals Swings, Jogging Tracks, Table Tennis Hall, Open Exercise Gym
3 Chowkidar
2 Mali
12. Slaughter House

Two slaughter houses at the following points are being maintained by TMA

City Slaughter House

Slaughter House of C.O Unit Qila Didar Singh

13. Kachi Abadies

There are 08 declared kachi abides within the Municipal Limits of TMA. TMA is only collecting development charges and deposits in Govt. treasury.

1. Khalsa Boarding Gujranwala City.

2. Adjasting Khalsa Boarding Gujranwala City

3. Talab Hukma Singh Gujranwala City

4. Moh: Bhotan Pura Qila Didar Singh

5. Moh: Dhab wala Qila Didar Singh

6. Moh: Muhammad Pura Qila Didar Singh

7. Moh: Jafaria Qila Didar Singh

8. Moh: Committee wala Qila Didar Singh